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Why Jennifer?!
08 March 2020 @ 07:19 pm

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Why Jennifer?!
20 January 2011 @ 01:32 am
Title: Something Undefined (temporary title?)
Author: phonestrap of devetir
Pairing: Snow/Serah (Final Fantasy XIII)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There are no such things as defined roles in a relationship.
Original Prompt: Snow/Serah - Master and French maid roleplay with Snow trying to act sexy and demanding and Serah in a skimpy, frilly maid dress.
Word Count: 3,226
Author's note: This was originally written and posted here at the ffxiii_kink meme last year. I figured I might as well edit it (to the, er, best of my ability) and post the finalized piece... instead of, you know, just letting it rot forever on my computer's hard drive. After rereading the prompt, I realized that I kind of failed at it, but alsdkj too late to dwell on that now LOL. And this is the smuttiest thing I've ever written in my life so... yeah. Comments and constructive criticism are, of course, highly appreciated. :)

She tasted sweet, always like nothing else he had ever had before in his life, but over her own distinct flavor was that of the sauce, and the curious blend was going quickly to his head and burning up any self-control he had tried to assemble.Collapse )
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Why Jennifer?!
09 April 2010 @ 10:46 pm
So enraged and I went to the mall today to buy a house-warming present for T and realized something while we were there -- that, oh my gods, we haven't done anything together on LJ in a very long time! :o We used to be practically joined at the hip during our earlier fandom days. So, this must be rectified! We went to Target and bought ourselves shiny, new microphones and now, we're doing something so exciting, it must be written in sparkly text /sarcasm. We are doing...

a joint recording meme!

I know, so exciting. XDD; So guys, here is your chance to ask us questions, like, I don't know, about our favorite pairings, past fandoms, stuff about our rl, or if you're masochistic enough, you can even ask us to sing you something or for us to read bad fic out loud for us to talk about five random facts about ourselves, our favorite flavor of bubble tea, whatever. And of course, anonymous commenting is on if that's what you so desire and IP logging is off. ;))

Go! Alleviate our boredom and stroke our egos by making us talk at length about ourselves (because we obviously do not do that enough as it is)!
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