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Why Jennifer?!
4 April

phonestrap »» the possibility of fixed stars
Jennifer. 20-something years old. ENTJ. Born and raised in New York City. Has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, but currently working as a paralegal and drifting aimlessly in life. Abuses the English language occasionally by writing fics. Rambles a lot. Likes anime, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, orchestras, video games, blowing money on useless things, 55-degree weather, drama marathons, coffee, memes, and iconing. Fangirl at heart. Obsessive-compulsive. tl;dr.
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Slytherins do it better, yo.
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♥ 4_03_am/enraged, anime marathoning, beauty in the breakdown, bigger zanpakutō = better bankai?, blood+, boozin' it up, breaking my rules for japan, crime and punishment, crushing on mr. darcy, dam deok/sujini, delerium, disgustingly sappy shoujo manga, double entendres, draco/ginny, english/grammar debates, euphemia/suzaku/lelouch/cc = ot4, extremely pretty hair, f(l)ailing at stuff, falling for fictional people, fangirling as a lifestyle, god-complexed "僕が正義だ!"-typed characters, golden trios, grey's anatomy, hagi/saya, hating on teenage heroes in spandex, hentai ja nai, heroes don't need plans, holding grudges for forever, hyde's cigarette-abused voice, i am so m, i am so s, it's a fic-tastic world, jealousy of inanimate objects, karaoke at 34th street, ladies from gran pulse, malfoys do it better, maybe i'm a lion, music's my hot hot sex, my heart is a battleground, owning bitches left&right, pawns turning into queens, pin in taxis/limos/etc., platform 9-3/4, procrastination at its finest, saiunkoku monogatari, see ya space cowboy, sergeant lightning farron, sesshoumaru/kagome, shadow hearts, sleep? what is that?, slytherins have more fun, snow/serah ♥, so tonight you&i can just uh-uh, squall/rinoa, sucking at photoshop, sunshine & magic, tae wang sa shin gi, teatime!, terminal spending syndrome, the possibility of fixed stars, the 十二国記 philosophy, ties/shirts/buttons ♥, vanessa mae, victorian pick-up lines, vienna teng, violins, volcanoes melt me down, who is really unfair?, why jennifer?!?, witch hunter robin, witty repartee/banter as foreplay, worshipping (b)akanishi-ism, yamapi's dead fish eyes